KrzysioCart is a series of flash cartridges for retro consoles. It allows you to play your games on real console! You just put the games you want to play on included microSD card, insert the cart into cartridge and you can select from menu the game!

KrzysioCart Fami (60 pin) / KrzysioCart NES (72 pin)
  • Compatible with over 82% of official NES games (and many more homebrew, hacks, translations) - supported mappers:
    • #0 NROM
    • #1 MMC1
    • #2 UNROM
    • #3 CNROM
    • #4 MMC3
    • #7 ANROM
    • #15 Contra Function (Contra 168-in-1 / Contra 100-in-1 multicart)
    • #30 UNROM-512 (nesmaker games)
    • #71 Camerica Codemasters' games
    • #232 Camerica Quattro
    • Full list of supported official games
  • Compatible with almost every console (both old vintage & currently produced ones)
  • Very low current consumption, ideal for hand-held consoles
  • Contains battery backed-up RAM memory that keeps your savestates (after power up they are transferred onto micro-sd card so every game has independent save state)
  • Proffesional 1.2mm PCB with golden plated edge connectors & bevelled edge that keep your console slot in good condition
  • Conttains 3.3V - 5V voltage translation buffers - perfectly safe for your console.
  • Comes with micro sd memory card & USB card reader - all that you need to start playing after unboxing!
  • NES version comes with CIC - will work in ANY regional version of your console.
  • Shell color can be chosen - check availability: HERE
  • Every cartridge is manufactured, tested, packed and sent by me! By buying it, you support hobbyist who is already working on many other genius projects!.

Where to buy:
  • Allegro (mainly for polish customers):
  • Ebay (for anyone, worldwide shipping free):
  • Direct payment
    Don't want to lose money for transaction frees, provisions, etc? Contact me so I will send you details for direct payment (PayPal, bank transfer, western union) - that way you will get it even with 15% discount compared to the above prices!
    Write to me: krzysiocart [at] gmail [dot] com

Reviews & technical details:

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Instruction manual
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